Link Music To Instagram Profile

If You Are Looking for The Answer Of How to link my artists Instagram profile to an Instagram Stories music Artist. Or How to Link Music to Your Instagram Profile. then Your Are in Right Place

There is Two Methods U can Use To link Your Music With your insta or Fb Profile.

1. You Can Reach Out to your Music Distribution and Email The Support Team to link Your Music with instagram Profile They will do it for you. below is the email format you have to sent.

Email Format👇🏻
Hi, my name (Artist Name),
i want to link my Instagram music with my artist profile. When anyone use my music in their story, and at that time when i click on artist name, then they always show me that error (no profile has been linked to this artist) link my music with my artist profile.
Insta Handle- __

Thanks & Regardless,
(Artist Name)

2. In second Method you have to fill A form which is provided by Facebook the Link is

This Video Will Guide You to Link Music to Your Instagram Profile