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Today IS Air Force Day. Indian Air Force Day 2018 will be celebrated in the country on 8th October each year. This time, India is going to celebrate Air Force Day 2018. The Air Force Day was formally began celebrating on 8th October in the year 1932 as an Auxiliary Air Force of Indian Empire. The Indian Air Force, air arm of the Indian military, has its prime duty of Protecting the Indian airspace and in addition to doing the ethereal warfare amid any clash. So make this special day worthy of sending Indian Air Force Day 2018 And Placing Status For them . Quotes Sayings Images Wishes Whatsapp Dp For Heroes Of Our Country Status SMS Messages.

I love my freedom, I respect your freedom.

I salute the real heroes who gave me freedom.

Are the real heroes, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom to pay tribute.

We live in a free country because of our real heroes.

great India; We celebrate the Independence Day of India is imposing.

Today is Independence Day; It loud, say it proud of their country.

We fly the flag as we can live in a free country.


We are in the 21st century because of our ancestors are lucky to live with freedom.

We can see the sunrise and the river we can hear the sound of peace; We as freedom.

See how beautifully our flag is waving in the wind!

Flag waving in the wind is a symbol of our freedom.

On Independence Day we celebrate our independence.

Independence Day celebration is a symbol of our freedom.

We live in freedom, have taken many lives sacrificed.

I could be an Indian to respect the culture of our country and I’m proud.

The free land our flag looks so gorgeous.

Our flag waves so high that tells the history of how many people died.

Independence Day tells the history of India’s freedom.

This is all good or bad condition of the country to unite in the stands.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, let’s celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.

A free country is a country full of the rights of its citizens.

I am proud and happy for our country to remain in the gentle feel.

Independence Day is a special day for all Indians.